Raucous rhythm and blues spattered with some gritty rock and roll.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were listening to The Stones pre-Jones exit. This album harks back to the earliest days of British rock and roll when it was still heavily influenced by the Blues coming from the United States.

This is their first album since 2005 ‘A Bigger Bang’  which although dabbled in the blues, was not wholly a blues album, but perhaps more reminiscent of The Stones we have come to know and love.

Jagger’s distinctive vocals scat around each track. It sounds old, but Jagger definitely doesn’t.

Sultry tracks with guitars flirting around percussion, Charlie Watts never misses a beat, the band showing off their level of musicianship decades on. Opener “Just Your Fool” and the first single “Ride Em on Down” show just what The Stones are still capable of in terms of energy and skill.

We are left with a polished cover of Otis Rush’s ‘I Can’t Quit You Baby’. A suitably huge track to close the album.

And so, Jagger makes the harmonica cool again. But I do hope we see the tongue go red again in the future.

Blue & Lonesome is out now. Available via online streaming, CD and Vinyl.


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