Hi there, my name is Lerryn Martin and this website is a collection of the work I have undertaken so far. I’m 22 years old and will graduate from the University of Brighton with a degree in Media Studies in the summer. I have a passion for creating and I am often inspired by music and the world around me. Having undertaken projects in both film and photography, I like being able to put my ideas into practice.

My most recent photographic project entitled ‘Holiday In The Slum’ was created as a part of my final project at University. This project centres around my home county of Cornwall and the side of life there that tourists don’t get to see. The year previous I also chose to focus on Cornwall. I have a strong interest in documentary style photography and the community aspect is something I find very inspiring.

I am hoping to continue to pursue more photographic projects in the future both through study and for my own pleasure. I also hope to partake in various community projects through offering my skills in order to further a cause.